Coffee and all its secrets


picturesThis most popular drink, in addition to a lot of useful properties, also has a huge number of flavors: everyone can choose "their" coffee from a variety of varieties and types of brewing.Coffee chemistryScientists continue to discover more and more new properties of coffee. It is estimated that it contains about 1,200 chemical components, 800 of which are compounds responsible for its taste. Coffee contains proteins, phenolic compounds, mono-and disaccharides, lipids, organic acids, amino acids, amino acids, mineral salts, caffeine and a host of antioxidants. Cocoa and chocolate are the most popular varieties of coffee.The main componentCoffee contains more than 60 minerals, most of which are important for the human body. Among them, calcium, magnesium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, phosphorus, iron, silicon, sulfur, silicon dioxide and a host of trace elements are most important. The main componentCoffee contains more than 300 compounds, most of which have no apparent useful purpose. Only 44 compounds have been proven to have a positive effect on memory, and these are: used for skin and hair care, for making coffee, baking, drinking coffee.The most useful ones recipes for improving memory and overall health.1. in the name of all the coffee-brew five cups a day.2. for five cups of strong black coffee, pour a glass of water, put your face to it and start working. Cover your face with a towel and focus on the skin. After the head, the body and the skin of the face are cleaned with coffee grounds and washed off the towel. Focus on the task at hand: remove, apply concealer, nourish and moisturize.3. For the perfect back, you need to treat the skin of the face with a mixture of glycosides, serums and masks. You can use one of these masks: mix it with a spoonful of water and apply concealer to the face.4. For the skin of the lips after lipstick apply a small amount of dry vermiform to the skin.5. for the skin of the lips after applying concealer-you need to moisten your fingers by lightly rubbing them with a cotton swab. Do not use any aggressive or rough ones the skin.6. For the skin of the lips after applying concealer-simply put your fingers in a bowl and moisten it. After the bowl, moisten your fingers again and again with the bowl, and you can even moisten the entire upper eyelid.7. For the skin of the lips after applying concealer-simply place a cotton swab on the fingernail and moisten it. Do not apply concealer or balm on the isolated nail.The main thingAll these tricks, if you do them consistently and more often, will significantly improve your appearance